For the past few months, I have began working towards a personal goal of running a 5k and eventually, a marathon. I have been interval training 3-4 times a week.  Alternating between walking and running has been great for me and my dog, Gabbby, as we are getting into shape together!  If I forget or try to come home and be lazy after a day at the office, she will whine and nudge her leash! She has been helping hold me accountable to the goal!


This past weekend was full of events and celebrations, I felt exhausted and depleted by the end. With all the distractions, I had ended up taking a week off from exercising. On Monday, I was asked multiple times if I was okay because my mood seemed down. I met Tuesday morning with the same exhaustion,  I  forced myself out of bed early and I found myself wishing gabby was a goldfish. I begrudgingly  strapped on my running shoes which felt like lead weights and leashed gabby and headed out the door.  Before long I realized  It was one of the longest periods of straight running I have had since I started! Gabby was smiling as her paws met my stride! It felt great to be  back to exercising! Later that day, the same person was asking me what was different. I seemed happier to her. The only difference was I had made the time to exercise! This was the first time I have realized how much exercise affects my mood!


Beginning a new exercise routine can be challenging, but it is vital for a healthy you! Not only is it necessary for the health of your heart, but it increases your feel good hormones, such as endorphins, and you gain self confidence! Not a runner? Find an exercise program or activity that you love! Find something that excites you as running does Gabby! Make a promise to yourself and/or your pup and get to moving! Start a walking group with your friends and neighbors to get exercise, fresh air, and support! You can also make it your alone time! Be sure to find your motivation whether it is a friend, trainer, a goal of weight loss or time/distance, your dog, etc. Also, have something or someone that holds you accountable on the days you need that extra push! Keep trying different exercise activities until you find the one you love!!

Already found what exercise you love? Share it with us to help others find the right exercise for them!

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