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I was at my local Publix on Cobb Parkway getting some water from the Glacier in the foyer. It takes 3.67 minutes (thats just a guess) to fill each 5 gallon jug. Less Waste? I didn-->serif;">’t want to waste the time so looked around for something to read. This Publix has a nice selection of reading material available on the rack in the middle of the foyer. The first pamphlet I picked up because it had a nice picture of three girls obviously enjoying soccer which is one of my favorite things too. It was a fun read and I was happy to know that someone took the time to write all the great things that soccer teaches young kids. It talked a lot about building community around the game. I put it down since the first bottle was full and I had no need for any more paper on the floor of my car tonight.

I had already kinda picked out the next pamphlet I was going to read. The title is A Guide To Food Storage and Handling How to Maintain Quality and Safety nice huh. Less Waste?I didnt know how it would be written or presented and since I found the pamphlet on soccer a little academic I just expected that from this one too. It did not disappoint but food safety issues are usually interesting to me and this was nicely done. And I am so glad because it taught me something new. Eggs can be frozen WOW! When freezing egg yolks beat in either 1/8 teaspoon salt or 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar or corn syrup per 1/4 cup egg yolks (4 yolks). Whats also amazing is that eggs can remain frozen for 1 months it is tied with margarine in the dairy and egg products for the length of time and of all the products only soy based imitation meat would last longer (up to 18 months). Isnt that great survivor knowledge? So I think this is saying that egg whites can be stored in the freezer without any additives but if you want the yoke follow the steps above.

If you have used this method or know of another way to store eggs share it in the comments.

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