We all brush and floss our teeth daily to maintain the our teeth so why not do something every day to take care of your spine?

posture - the picture of health

Look at the picture there are three postures shown here. Your chiropractor evaluates your posture as a measure to determine the health of your spine. You can observe your own posture and that of your loved ones at home.

Lets analyze them from the bottom up. On the left we see that the pelvis is tipped backward flattening the back. On the right the pelvis is tipped forward creating a deeper curve in the back and rounding the shoulders. Note how these abnormal postures bring the head forward putting strain on the neck.

The effects of habitual poor posture are devastating!

Our spine works best when it is in a neutral relaxed and upright posture. Poor posture puts our spine under continual stress which can quickly cause wear and tear on our bones and joints causing back pain and disc problems. Your chiropractor encourages good posture for the family.

Practice good posture in front of a mirror at least once per day. See how it looks and feels to stand tall and relax your head and shoulders back. It is not only a posture of confidence it is a posture that will yield greater function from your spine for many more years.

One of the most vital nutrients we can give our spine is motion so make an effort to put a little motion in your spine every day! When you wake up and throughout the day take some time to move and stretch your spine. Bend forward back and to the sides. These simple motions can help keep our discs hydrated and keep our ligaments and muscles conditioned. Many of the jobs we do involve sitting at computers or desks all day with our arms shoulders and head hunched over. Over time this posture will manifest as neck pain headaches and spinal degeneration if we dont take a little time throughout the day to take care of our spines.

While there is a lot that we can do to maintain our spine on a daily basis we can still get stuck in misalignment causing stress and strain on our nerves and decreasing our function mechanically and physiologically. In addition to keeping good posture and giving our spines as much motion as we can a key part of keeping our spines healthy is regular chiropractic maintenance!

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