Premenstrual Syndrome

Oh the dreaded PMS.  Body changes such as bloating mood swings and breast tenderness are zero fun! PMS rears its ugly head differently in every woman. There are some natural things you can do to help decrease the symptoms and discomfort!

1.Regular exercise is very important not just for reducing PMS but also for a  healthier you overall! It does not have to be high impact exercise.  You can swim walk do yoga pilates etc. Anything to get your body moving regularly!

2. Although PMS can bring food cravings it is best to eat a healthy diet. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits and decrease the amount of salt red meat sugary foods and dairy you are consuming. No red wine is not a fruit. However grapes make a great snack especially when frozen!

3. There are some medicines which help with the side effects of PMS but they affect your whole body. They also come with numerous side effects. There are many herbs and vitamins that can help with your PMS. Not sure what to take? We suggest Standard Process products which are whole food ingredients grown on a certified organic farmland. We have a limited supply in our office. Can’t make it to the practice? Email us ( for your survey and we can get you registered for our online store. Through the survey results and consultations which can be done on the phone we can find what your body needs.

4. Be sure to DRINK…Water that is. Increase your daily water consumption. Alcohol can increase the symptoms of PMS so steer clear of it. Caffeine can increase your breast tenderness so if it is best not to drink it either!

5. If you find yourself having bad cramps a heating pad on your low back can decrease the cramps. Follow the heating pad with yoga or a walk.

6. Also meditation can help you relax! Our bodies have the incredible ability to grow a life! Remember this as you meditate. Appreciate your body and all the gifts (good and bad) that come with it!

For a treat during PMS try this ice cream! You need four frozen bananas 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of nut butter and cocoa powder. Put in a food processor until creamy. Then enjoy! Love chocolate or peanut butter? Then add a little extra! Enjoy!


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