According to Native American folklore spring is carried on the east wind the wind of change. It is the time for new life to emerge for seeds to be planted. It is the time to give thanks. This spring I offer you a fresh approach to optimal health and wellness.

Turn Over a New Leaf

Spread Your Wings

Do you go to the doctor only when you are not feeling great? Do you find that you are putting out fires when it comes to your health? Are you frustrated by nursing the same symptoms rather than confronting the underlying cause? If you answered yes you are not alone.

Millions of people are doing the same things expecting health care from a sick care approach. Fortunately chiropractors are leading the way to a wellness revolution to a system that focuses on prevention and good health practices away from the impersonal model that has dominated our thinking for so long. This year chiropractors will help thousands of people in all age groups reach their optimal health and peak performance because we look at the whole person and not just a few symptoms.

Bloom and Grow Without Spinal Dysfunction

Doctors of chiropractic understand that spinal health is the key to optimal health and peak performance. We are specialist in locating spinal barricades road blocks that interfere with your ability to getting and staying healthy. These barricades are areas of your spine that restrict movement or force bones and joints out of alignment. These dysfunctional areas are known as vertebral subluxations.

Vertebral subluxations affect your health in ways that you can feel and in ways that you cant. When the spine is out of alignment or acting dysfunctional it interferes with all the soft tissues in the area the muscles that attach to that joint act differently the ligaments and tendons respond accordingly and the nerves in the area are also affected. Studies show that the weight of a dime causes changes to nerve flow and that small changes in nerve flow can result in changes in blood pressure heart rate skin temperature – these are things that we can not feel initially. When the dysfunction is sustained for longer periods painful symptoms begin to occur such as aches and pains.

Nature Lives Within

During spring time it hard to miss the wonders of nature. Chiropractic has a unique respect and understanding of the power of nature as it works withing us. The philosophy behind chiropractic teaches that the body has an inborn natural capacity to heal itself and adapt to the stresses of live whether emotional physical or chemical for sustained health.Release Your Power Within

Chiropractic seeks to identify and eliminate obstacles that keep the inborn power that works within us from functioning naturally. Chiropractors prefer natural alternatives because medications May interfere with the natural balance of the body and mask the underlying cause of health problems and produce dangerous side effects. Proper and adequate rest and relaxation motion and exercise healthful foods and sensible diets stress reduction techniques like deep breathing and reflection all come together and May be recommended on a case by case basis.

This spring while nature is flourishing outside take an important step toward your optimal health by getting a chiropractic evaluation and releasing the natural force within you. Align with the energy of this amazing season and pledge to get to the root of your health concerns.


About Dr. Powell

I have spent every moment since 1995 learning practicing and teaching chiropractic. I am currently focused on the brain-body connection through chiropractic and share my experience with students of Life University as an instructor in the clinic system. I use my knowledge of structure and function tone congenital abnormalities and connective tissue involvement to produce astounding effects with very little time. My goal is your optimal physical mental and social well-being by encouraging possibilities. Remember health is not just the absence of illness or disease but the presence of optimal physical mental and social well-being. I am aware that external factors like the type of work we do can have deleterious effects on our health and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. Expect extraordinary results.

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