Recently nine US specialty societies representing 374000 physicians developed a list of -->serif;">’-->serif;">“Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question-->serif;">’-->serif;">” in recognition of the importance of physician and patient conversations to improve care and eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures.

I-->serif;">’-->serif;">’m glad that the common-sense things that chiropractors have been saying since the 19th century are now becoming part of the medical mainstream.  We chiropractors still hold that drugs and surgery are not the answer to promote health and it is nice to see the Medics starting to -->serif;">’-->serif;">”choose wisely.

In most cases people need drugs and surgery because they have ignored their health for a prolonged time especially when it comes to the major causes of death.  Have a look at these pie charts showing the top five major causes of death for the US in 2009 broken down by age group:

Cause of Death by Age

What happened to cause the cancer and heart disease death rate to jump from 26% in the 25-44 age group to 54% in the 45-64 year old group?  This is not because they turn 45!  These are chronic long-term symptom-free conditions that could be addressed by chiropractic and other lifestyle interventions.  The whole medical concept of treating patients based their symptoms leads to a false sense of security and contributes to this dramatic rise in cancer and heart disease as people get older.

Bottom line:  Dont wait for symptoms to see your chiropractor!

About Dr. Powell

I have spent every moment since 1995 learning practicing and teaching chiropractic. I am currently focused on the brain-body connection through chiropractic and share my experience with students of Life University as an instructor in the clinic system. I use my knowledge of structure and function tone congenital abnormalities and connective tissue involvement to produce astounding effects with very little time. My goal is your optimal physical mental and social well-being by encouraging possibilities. Remember health is not just the absence of illness or disease but the presence of optimal physical mental and social well-being. I am aware that external factors like the type of work we do can have deleterious effects on our health and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. Expect extraordinary results.

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