Georgia Masons provide the GACHIP program FREE of charge as a public service and as our gift to the citizens of our state.

GACHIP-the GeorgiA CHild Identification Program is one of the most comprehensive Child Recovery Identification and Abduction Awareness programs ever to be offered to parents in the state of Georgia.

At a GACHIP event Freemasons set up the equipment necessary to generate completed identification kits.

Each person progresses through several stations taking about 10 to 15 minutes for the entire process. The recorded information is presented to the childs parent or guardian to take home for safekeeping.

There is no age limit!

April 21-2 201 during the Big Shanty Festival the booth will be set up in the Eaton Chiropractic Building.

About Dr. Powell

I have spent every moment since 1995 learning practicing and teaching chiropractic. I am currently focused on the brain-body connection through chiropractic and share my experience with students of Life University as an instructor in the clinic system. I use my knowledge of structure and function tone congenital abnormalities and connective tissue involvement to produce astounding effects with very little time. My goal is your optimal physical mental and social well-being by encouraging possibilities. Remember health is not just the absence of illness or disease but the presence of optimal physical mental and social well-being. I am aware that external factors like the type of work we do can have deleterious effects on our health and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. Expect extraordinary results.

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