Eat your spinach!

Spinach is a known for its health benefits. There are several studies that show that it assist the body in staving off osteoporosis cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease.
Two studies show its benefit in both men and women.The first demonstrated that ingestion of leafy green vegetables might have the potential to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. They came to this conclusion because they cultured or grew prostate cancer cells and added various ingredients of some common carotinoids. Carotinoids are brightly colored yellow to red  vegetables and it is also found in green leafy vegetables. What they found is that with the addition of spinach the viability or the chance that the cancer cell would survive was drastically reduced almost eliminated. (, )

The second found that subjects eating carrots or spinach more than twice weekly compared with no intake was associated with an odds ratio of 0.56(95% confidence interval 0.34-0.91). Which means that those that ate carotinoids specifically carrots or spinach where half as likely to develop breast cancer. This type of study is less reliable in that people who eat fruits and vegetables regularly are typically more likely to do other things that promote health.

However the combined results indicate that adding green leafy vegetables regularly to your diet will have a positive effect on your overall health.


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I have spent every moment since 1995 learning practicing and teaching chiropractic. I am currently focused on the brain-body connection through chiropractic and share my experience with students of Life University as an instructor in the clinic system. I use my knowledge of structure and function tone congenital abnormalities and connective tissue involvement to produce astounding effects with very little time. My goal is your optimal physical mental and social well-being by encouraging possibilities. Remember health is not just the absence of illness or disease but the presence of optimal physical mental and social well-being. I am aware that external factors like the type of work we do can have deleterious effects on our health and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. Expect extraordinary results.

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